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Authentic and impactful creative is always informed by great marketing strategy and executed with an eye for the smallest details. Consumers are bombarded with choices and organizations must communicate to their audiences with excellence to earn their trust.

CG Studio has a rich history of strategic graphic design and content creation for print, websites, video, email and social and digital mediums. National quality is the goal for every project.

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Great Design
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Strategic Branding

Consumers pull down brands from a now global marketplace of ideas and opportunities to define who they are and what’s important to them. Businesses and organizations that live and work in that market space without a relevant brand are invisible.

CG Studio has fine-tuned a comprehensive process to extract the brand core of an organization and build competitive life around it. Our brand development process is a guide and filter for executing organizational vision. It reveals brand DNA. It builds ownership and equips team members to be effective.

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CG Studio Ideation encourages collaborative stretch, breaks down existing walls, informs new concepts and injects out-of-industry or out-of-category thinking. Ideation is seriously ambitious, dynamic and energetic. You don’t typically feel how hard you’re working. The process—through a fun, innovative, unexpected agenda, pulls every participant to a central point of expression. Ideation is the process of creating new ideas. It’s useful for everything from naming to development of new programs to problem solving. It can also be used productively to diffuse tension and get leadership and team on the same page.

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Smart companies need new, nimble and scalable marketing planning. As strategists, we discern the unique genius that differentiates a business or organization and work with leadership to see it inform activity. Through retreats, managed sessions with leadership or interviews with decisionmakers, we collect the background and marketing intelligence to create next steps-focused operational plans. We call them marketing roadmaps because they help owners/leaders understand where they’re going and how they’re going to get there. Through the process of developing a roadmap, we get key players on the same page with each other and moving in the same strategic direction.

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We consider our relationship with the CG Studio to be a tremendous asset to our organization. We know we can count on their wise counsel in any situation and regarding any topic. CG Studio helped us find and share the voice and vision that have always been part of Conco’s DNA.

D. Craig Nelson - CEO/president, Conco Construction

Gravity::Works partnered with the CG Studio for both image and branding as well as strategic planning and transitions...a valuable resource each and every time we look into our corporate future.

Vince Haines - Principal, Gravity::Works Architecture

Anytime we reach out to the CG Studio for work or support, we are greeted with professionalism, dedication, care and willingness to help. No matter what the request, we know they will help us achieve our vision for success.

Sandy Gieber - Co-owner, Chief Operating Officer, Next Element

We could not hire a resource that could offer their level of creativity and professionalism. CG Studio is an invaluable asset to our Club.

Cory Conklin - General Manager, Wichita Country Club

Through thoughtful assessment, insight and willingness to ask hard questions, CG Studio has helped move FOCUS International to a premier cross-cultural training organization.

John D. Brooks - President, FOCUS International